‘Sudden Death’ Discovery Defies Our Understanding of Superconductivity

Eddies of quantum chaos spontaneously emerging in atomically thin layers of insulating material have stumped physicists, requiring revisions to models that could solve some pressing problems in a quest to understand superconductivity. Experimental physicists from Princeton University in the US and the Japanese National Institute for Materials Science examined the spontaneous appearance of quantum fluctuations at … Read more

Massive Exoplanet Spotted With a 350,000-Mile Long, Comet-Like Tail

Gas giant exoplanet WASP-69b has captured the attention of astronomers, this time because of the trail of gas it’s leaving behind – a tail that’s some seven times longer than the planet’s radius. This tail is being created as the atmosphere of WASP-69b gets stripped away, making it a fascinating celestial object to study. Around the size of Jupiter, the … Read more

Harrison Ford: “Stop Giving Power to People Who Don’t Believe in Science”

Celebrities often use their platforms to spread awareness on important issues. But while many of us have become numb to their warnings, there’s something about Harrison Ford that makes people sit up and listen. Maybe it’s the cult following he’s acquired from playing heroic characters like Indiana Jones and Han Solo. More likely, though, it’s … Read more

Nikola Tesla’s Time Travel Experience: ‘I Could See The Past, Present And Future All At The Same Time

Nikola Tesla was conducting research in 1895 and this was when he got the first indication that space and time might be influenced by using a highly magnetic field.TESLA MADE DISCOVERIES BEFORE TOP-SECRET MILITARY PROGRAMS A part of the admission had come from Tesla experimenting with radio frequencies along with power transmission through the Earth’s … Read more